Sarrah Falfoul

Sarrah has a background in psychology and social work, and has been part of the Amal team since 2018. She is interested in youth mental health as well as facilitating accessibility to psychosocial services for immigrant families, through a strength-based approach.

Christine Menendez

Christine has been a part of the Amal team since 2017. She holds a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management from Concordia and is focused on helping others develop themselves to their full potential. As an immigrant, a mother of 3 and a former Amal client, she truly understands the importance...

Ghada Mohamed

Ghada Mohamed has a psychology background that enables her to help immigrants and families in our community to maintain and improve their well-being and mental health. Ghada is interested in cultural psychology, and is working actively with the team of the Culture, Health, and Personality Lab at Concordia University on...

Najet Hamrouni