With support from Telus’ Future Friendly Foundation, the Amal Center is proud to offer three parenting modules designed for mothers, by mothers, titled Sharing Amal. Through interactive learning in intimate group settings, participants will get the chance to have honest conversations about kids, cultures, and communities. Participants hoping to target one particular area can choose an individual module to join, or can benefit from Sharing Amal’s holistic approach by participating in all three of the program’s carefully-designed modules. The modules are complementary; each module supports and reinforces the others, but they can be taken individually as well. Each participant will gain a toolbox that targets not only herself, but her kids and her family unit.

The Amal community will benefit and will be the target of impact-oriented communication plans to share learnings, best practices, collected data, and anecdotes sourced from the project.

Tickets are available at accessible prices for members of the community and for free to Amal clients and beneficiaries referred by local social services and organizations.

Childcare will be available to participants.

Sharing Amal workshop modules

Module 1: Parenting Skills for Raising Responsible & Happy Kids

Parenting is a lifetime job. In this module, we’ll dive into some basics that will benefit you during your parenting journey. We will develop tools and skills that will deepen our understanding of our kids’ feelings and behaviors, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful home.

Module 2: The S-word: When and How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Talking about sex to our children goes beyond birds and bees! There’s no place like home for answering big questions from our kids. This module will address when and how to talk to our kids about sex, how to wisely answer their hard questions, navigating taboo subjects with your family . We’ll discuss values, stigmas, culture, boundaries, and more!

Module 3: Healing the Feeling

The three workshops in this module represent pillars for moms that can hold them up in their hardest moments. We will review techniques and strategies to face and cope with some of our hardest and most complex emotions as mothers, namely 1. Guilt, 2. Sadness and 3. Anger.

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Note: All views expressed by program participants and content presented workshop animator are their personal views and do not reflect the views of the Amal Center for Women, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, clients or any affiliated individual or organization.