Sharing Amal

With support from Telus’ Future Friendly Foundation, Amal is proud to offer three parenting modules designed for mothers, by mothers, titled Sharing Amal. Through interactive learning in intimate group settings, participants will get the chance to have honest conversations about kids, cultures, and communities.

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Toolkit to Strengthen Listeners

In February 2021, the Amal Center for Women launched a toolkit designed to educate our informal communities on how to respond to women who have approached them with their experiences of domestic violence. It is often to them that women turn to before seeking professional services for help, and our hope was to offer their communities with tools to become better listeners and support systems.

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Islamic Relief Canada workshops

Since the beginning of the year, so much has changed, but we were proud to have contributed to one positive element of 2020…our workshop series, “Community Change Starts With Me!”

Between January and July, in collaboration with Islamic Relief Canada, this series benefitted over 500 Amal clients and members of our community.  Along with the themes of healthy habits for women from ethnocultural minorities, addressing family mental health, assisting victims of domestic violence, and more, attendees had engaging conversations and built new bonds while learning!

We would like to thank all those who participated so enthusiastically in this workshop series, and the dynamic women who shared their expertise with Amal’s clients in our community!

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A Dialogue Approach to Ending Violence Against Muslim Women in Montreal

The objective of this two-year project funded by Status of Women Canada was to build a bridge between the social services network of Montreal and Imams (leaders of the mosques in Montreal) in order to tackle the issue of conjugal violence in the Muslim community. The Amal Center for Women successfully hosted five dialogue sessions between all the project partners. The dialogue session served as a platform to foster collaboration among all partners to strengthen the support network for Muslim women who experience conjugal violence.

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