Active Listening service

This individualized service offers 10 one-on-one meetings with trained volunteers.  In response to observed needs in our community, we developed this service to benefit women who were seeking a listening ear for difficulties or problems they may be experiencing, big or small. As always at Amal, our Listeners ensure a guaranteed confidential and culturally, religiously-sensitive experience.  

What is the difference between active listening and psychosocial services?

Whereas our psychosocial services offer specific intervention regarding the beneficiary’s issues, Listeners, via active listening, guide the beneficiary through their issues with the objective of identifying solutions that correspond to their intrinsic qualities. Beneficiaries of this service can usually book an appointment within two weeks, ensuring that help is available when needed. 

What languages is the service offered in?

Our Listeners are available for sessions in Arabic, English, French, and Urdu

What else can a Listener provide?

Along with active listening, our listeners can:

  • Orient beneficiaries towards interesting resources appropriate for their needs
  • Provide timely assistance for processes that the beneficiary may be struggling with due to language barriers or difficulty understanding the task, ex: booking legal-aid appointments, registering for a family doctor, etc.)
  • Direct them to opportunities being offered at the Amal Center, such as access to Amal events at a discounted price, food or goods donations for eligible beneficiaries, and more.

Call 514 855-0330 ext. 1 to book your active listening session today!